This album must be listened with upmust attention, in a serene atmosphere and by a very good stereo system. My car stereo was inadequate in capturing neither the harmony nor the range of crechendo – decrechendos. 24 Score harmony and the wide range of decibels creates a harmonic distortion, if not listened by an excellent audio system with powerful woofers. This is one of the best music ever composed; at least it feels like when listened in the right mood. Dawn Upshaw’s voice and interpretation is heavenly. This probably is her best performance and should place her on the top of the short list of sopranos of our time. David Zinman’s conducting haunts the listener.He sounds like he has Gorecki in his soul; almost like they are the same. London Sinfonietta’s performance is impeccable and raises the bar to unreachable levels. This masterpice should be heard by all music afficionados.

Timur Sumer

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