Mother Does Research, Chooses Not to Vaccinate

FLINT, MI – Local mother of a 2 children, Denise Jacobson has decided after much research that she will not vaccinate her children. “Research is so easy these days, with Google and Bing. I was able to find a lot of information.”  Ms. Jacobsen has thousands of websites and Facebook groups bookmarked on her Firefox browser. She also has talked with countless self proclaimed experts who have concerns over vaccinations. 
Ms Jacobson laid out her case:  “Vaccines are targeted at diseases that don’t exist. I have never heard of someone having polio or rubella. Maybe I would get a vaccine for ear infections, my kids get those ALL the time. Mostly because their diet contains too much gluten, which I am trying to eliminate.” Sources say she claims her fear of needles stemmed from getting vaccines as a child which has given her PTSD. She went on to describe how the safety studies on these vaccines are over a short period of time, 50+ years, and that she wants more evidence. “Do vaccines cause college freshmen to binge drink? Where is the study that shows they don’t?” She also claims that non-vaccinated children score higher on geography tests than vaccinated kids.  “My Nathan beat Sammy on the South America geography test last week, obviously due to not having toxins in his brain.” Denise’s friend Janet also weighed in. “I heard to make vaccines they take mercury and aluminum to kill the virus, and then they take the mixture and inject it into your child! No thank you.” “Many famous people throughout history weren’t vaccinated including Jesus and hey did just fine,” Denise referring to Jesus Christ the man who was born 1,796 years before the first known vaccine. Denise also made a reference to non-internet sources, “The Mom’s group we are in all heard about the kid on Oak street who is a little weird.  And I know he got vaccines just last month!”




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