The Pillars Of Creation & Eagle Nebula
A star forming region within the Eagle Nebula (M16) some 7,000 light years from earth. The Pillars Of Creation (named after The Hubble Telescope’s famous capture in 1995) just to the right of centre in this image.

This collaboration by Retired Airforce Col. John Mansur of Florida who acquired the H-Alpha, SII and OIII data remotely from Siding Spring NSW Australia using a 27.5″ F6.6 Astrograph/FLI-PLO9000 with processing in Hubble Palette by Terry Hancock using CCDStack and CS5
Total Integration Time 75 minutes

Annotated Full size view can be seen here http://nova.astrometry.net/annotated_full/1154674 — in Fremont, Michigan.


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