Gamma Cygni Region 6 Panel Mosaic

All data from this project has been acquired from my amateur backyard observatory in Fremont, Michigan during the last 2 seasons using a QHY11 Monochrome CCD/Takahashi E-180 with narrowband filters.

167 single images make up this 6 panel Mosaic of The Gamma Cygni Region in Hubble Pallete which is now covering 7.17 x 6.91 degrees of sky, original file size is 6998×6480 pixels. Total Integration Time 27.8 hours

Image details
Location: DownUnder Observatory, Fremont MI
Dates of Shoot: March 2014 through to July 2015 over 11 nights
H-Alpha 590 min, 59 x 10 min bin 1×1
OIII 540 min,54 x 10 min 1×1
SII 540 min, 54 x 10 min 1×1

QHY11S monochrome CCD cooled to -20C
Takahashi E-180 F2.8 Astrograph
Paramount GT-1100S German Equatorial Mount
Image Acquisition Maxim DL
Stacking and Calibrating: CCDStack
Registration of images in CCDStack & Registar
Post Processing Photoshop CS5

The Gamma Cygni/Sadr Region, named after the central star Sadr/Gamma Cygni the central star of Cygnus’s Cross surrounded by diffuse emission and dark nebulae and part of the much larger Cygnus Molecular Cloud.

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