One fine morning, in order to revive his constitution and invigorate his mind, a man decides to take a stroll in the woods. As he is absorbed in his thoughts and the nature that engulfed him, he noticed that he was being followed by a tiger. The predator was at a safe distance at the moment but he was concerned that the coincidence in the direction of movement might be more than just a chance. So, he hastened his pace. To his chagrin, so did the tiger. Little by little his haste grew into panic and he found himself running as fast as he could with the tiger in hot pursuit.

Suddenly he came to a deep precipice. Sensing the eminent danger was becoming more acute by every passing second, he grabbed a vine nearby and started climbing down the side of the cliff. As he was feeling that his heroic exertion to save his life was about to pay off, he heard the now familiar panting of the tiger becoming louder, not fainter. This made him stop and look down. There was another tiger waiting for him at the valley below.

Despite this double jeopardy, he thought that he could wait at least one of the tigers out, by resting upon the ledge on the side of the cliff. This is when he noticed that there was a new critter sound in the air: the gnawing of a rat. His vine was being used as a filing instrument by the incisors of a rat that apparently ruminated on the side of the cliff.

At this moment of utter despair, as if slipping into a state of denial, he spotted a juicy ripe strawberry hanging off of a bush on the side of the cliff. It was within his reach. With a broad smile on his face, he lost all sense of danger and plucked the strawberry and tossed it in his mouth, savoring the sweet tart flavor and aroma of the fruit that has been prepared by nature for this singular opportunity for him to enjoy, at this particular hour, on this particular fine day. 

PROF. DR. ÖMER AKIN                                                                CARNEGI MELLON UNIVERSITY, PITTSBURG, PA, USA


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